Monday, July 23, 2012

Nuwakot Durbar Square

Nuwakot District is such a place where one must not miss to visit the locality full of natural beauties and divierse climate within a small territory. The place has carried a long history of the entire country Nepal. Nuwakot District lies in middle development region of the country Nepal. It is one of the hilly region of the country. In the North it lies Mahabharat range and in South it lies Himalayan region. The place has diverse climate with a very unique history. The place is the center site of nine forts viz. Belkot, Dhuwakot, Dhaibungkot, Pyaskot, Bhairamkot, Malakot, Simalkot, Salyankot and Kalikot. Thus the place was given name linking with the nine forts, Nuwakot. In past, Dhading was also under Nuwakot District. In the history book of Gopal Rajbansa it has mentioned the Newari name of the place, "Nawakwatha" means nine forts. According to the book Nuwakot district is the main entry gate of Kathmandu valley from west during Malla regime. At that time the place was special for  administration and Military affairs. The place wDSC01575as the center scene of those nine forts and the administrative works related to those forts were given order from here. This place is the well-known for the main entry of China-Nepal business, way to Bhrikuti's mother's home and the conquer of the entire nation, Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah took his last breath in the same place. This place was the entry point for Chinese Army to attack Kathmandu Valley and Nepali Army to attack Kerung.
NuTrishuli Riverwakot District is approximately 70km away from Kathmandu valley and has extended to 1193 sq. km. In the north it lies Rasuwa District, in south-west it lies Dhading, and in east it lies Kathmandu Valley and Sindhupalchowk District. In this district there is a wide altitudinal variation ranging from 450m at the bank of Trishuli River in the south to 5144m in the north at the boarder of Dhyangfedi, Tihchuli. The northern limit of this district is snow-covered peaks. Such great variation of altitude within such small area make its physiography unique in the world. It has covered some area of Langtang National Park in north and Shivapuri National Park in south. Nuwakot District is the main way to famous hindu holyplace, Gosaikunda and to Langtang Tourism Sector. Including Nuwakot Palace, many other forts and pre-historic places make this place a distinctive and unique one.
Well talking about Nuwakot Durbar (Palace), the palace is at the top of a hill, 7km away from the headquarter of Nuwakot district. The hill is full of huge jungle. The road to the palace is concrete and there is good facility of transportation as well. Nuwakot Durbar is also known as "Saat Talle Durbar" means seven storied palace. Nuwakot Durbar is one of the historic with ancient wood carvings and sculptures that aged back to seventeenth century were fabulous piece of artifact. Besides Nuwakot Durbar there was Rani Mahal where dancers used to dance for the kings. The dancers were even from Lucknow. There were Taleju Temple and Bhairavi temple at the side of this palace. Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked the DSC01652place during the process of reunion and have victory over the Palace. As the palace has changed to museum. It is open for all to see the past life of the royals. Each floor of the palace has got its own distinctive character. As the ground floor consists of main entry door, the second floor consists of the rooms where the guest of the royal family were kept, on the third floor there is a meeting hall, on the fourth floor there’s a bed room of king and his queen, the fifth floor was used for keeping security forces of royal family always in alert position, the sixth floor was used as custody for special criminals with strict monitoring and on the top most level is the burja which is the smallest,  the most beautiful and highest portion of the palace from where different views can be seen and the siren was blown from the place during the time of emergency to inform and gathering people.
Nuwakot district itself has got very unique and rare structure. This district is moon shaped in the map of Nepal. The middle of this district is very low at height where Trishuli river flows and the boarders of this district is covered by huge mountains make the weather a unique one. The Trishuli river will make you feel calm and relaxed with its fresh air and melodious flow.  The river also hides the most valuable metallic mineral, alluvial gold used for making jewelry, coin and gold plating in idol crafts. The river roars at night which can be heard from the very distance. It gives such a heavenly pleasure that anyone can have sound sleep and lost in the dreams of mysterious Nuwakot district.


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